Emission treatment and odor control for industrial plants

Air pollution and odor control – custom made solutions

Every given industrial emission flow (regarding pollutants and odour) is different, that’s why we always start from scratch and look for a custom made solution for every particular customer, keeping in mind to offer an optimal price-quality ratio.

What we aim is a durable, easy to maintain, correctly dimensioned and flawlessly functioning installation. A thourough training of the maintenance personnel at site should assure a trouble-free functioning of the installation in the long run. In case problems occur nevertheless, a quick intervention is always guaranteed.

According to the customer’s needs, we realize a complete turnkey installation or assure the necessary engineering. From feasibility studies, over engineering and analysis up to complete turnkey realization, start up and training of personnel, everything remains under one single responsability, which considerably simplifies things for the customer.

Emission treatment, VOC abatement and odor control: renovation and optimization of existing plants – retrofit solutions

We note among our customers a great need for renovation of optimization of existing installations in the area of odour control, emission treatment or wastewater treatment. This for several reasons : the customer has opted for a low cost installation in the past, appearing not to function properly or not giving the desired results, or the production lines have increased in volume meanwhile. Task can either renovate or optimize such installations. We are always aiming to offer the optimal price – quality ratio. Whenever possible, the good elements of existing installations are maintained.

Task isn’t tied to any equipment supplier or doesn’t belong to a bigger holding, imposing it’s own purchase requirements. This allows us to select for each customer the most suitable and favourable priced equipment for each application. For very specific know-how in the area of odour control, we do not hesitate to consult, whenever appropriate, various domestic and foreign experts.

Our activities in the area of air pollution and odor control:

Emission treatment, VOC abatement and odor control: our expertise: