Equipment for water treatment, air treatment and odor control

Specialized technical equipment for air, water and odor treatment

Task Environmental Engineering supplies specialized technical equipment for industrial air treatment and water treatment installations. Benefit from our long experience and market knowledge at the selection of your equipment. Whether it is for the construction of new or retrofitting of existing environmental sanitation facilities, we are always at your service.

We also have the most adequate solution for you in the field of water recycling systems. Benefit from our experience for the selection of the right equipment for your specific needs.

Our expertise at your service

Task Environmental Engineering has many years of expertise through the construction of various air pollution control and odor control installations, waste water treatment and process water treatment units (see our reference list). The selection of the right equipment is of crucial importance for the proper functioning and return of your environmental investments.

Custom-made solutions for your equipment

We import high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment from Europe and the rest of the world. For us, the equipment offered should be entirely in accordance with the needs of your company and of optimal price-quality ratio . This way, the installation perfectly matches the current and/or future capacity of your production unit. Quality, service and reliability are of utmost importance to Task.

Equipment for emission treatment and odor control

Equipment for waste water and process water treatment

Water treatment

Reuse of energy

Other equipment