Rotary drum screens Roto-Sieve: screening and pretreatment system for wastewater and process water

Are you looking for the best sieving technique for your wastewater? The Roto-Sieve® rotating drum screen is used in the preliminary stage of water purification and removes solid particles and fibres from the liquid stream. Sticky or greasy particles are also no problem for these drum screens! For the sieving of septic material, we offer the septic recieving units.

Rotary drum screen Roto-Sieve for water and wastewater treatment

A Roto-Sieve is a rotating sieve, with internal feed, slightly inclined drum and round perforations. This results in the best possible mechanical separation. Round perforations hold fibres and hairs much better than slotted ones.

Läckeby AB (owner of Roto-Sieve) is a stable and reputable Swedish family business, founded in 1935. Today, the third generation, Magnus Axelsson, is at the head of the company.

By the way, did you know that all wear parts and spare parts are always available from stock? Even for Roto-Sieves older than 30 years! Sustainable design saves working hours and contributes to a circular economy.

We at Task do not avoid any question, we can also have a look at your current screening process to improve its efficiency. We are happy to put our many years of experience in water treatment and sieving techniques at your service.

Why choose a Roto-sieve® drum screen?

  • self-cleaning, so minimum maintenance
  • high operational reliability
  • high separation efficiency
  • long service life (20+ years)
  • compact unit
  • fully closed system, without odour problems
  • easy to install and operate
  • internal power supply (gravitationally or with pump)
  • low energy consumption
  • wide range of capacities (5 to 1,000 m³/h)
  • advanced drive system without support wheels 
  • easy to replace wear parts
  • easy and quick access to the sieve drum thanks to the lightweight covers
  • Roto-Sieve® is the rotary drum sieve with the lowest number of moving and wearing parts on the market. Moreover, these parts are easy to replace.
  • No complicated metal chain drive systems, so no automatic lubrication is required.

References in various sectors

There are already 5200+ Roto-Sieve® drum screens in operation worldwide. Roto-Sieve rotary drum screens are used successfully in numerous sectors (water purification and water treatment):

  • Breweries, malting plants & bottling plants
  • Municipal and urban wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs and KWZI)
  • drinking water production
  • shipping industry and shipyards
  • dredging
  • textile industry
  • feed production, pet food
  • slaughterhouses (cattle, poultry, etc.) & offal processing
  • recycling companies
    • plastic
    • paper
    • oil
  • pumping stations
  • fat melting shops
  • tanneries
  • chemical industry
  • food industry and semi-finished food products (sugar, fish, dairy products, etc.)
  • vegetable and fruit processing industry (e.g. potato)
  • coffee roasting

A customised Roto-Sieve® rotating sieve

Roto-Sieve RS412

The Roto-Sieve rotary screens are produced in five different models for different water flow rates. The sieves are offered in stainless or acid-resistant steel. All models are equipped with lightweight glass fibre reinforced polyester splash guards. The brushes are made of a heat-resistant material. The standard screen openings are 0.8-1.0-1.5-2.0-3.0 mm, the smallest available opening is 0.6 mm. All models are supplied with an integrated emergency overflow (except model 11).

Looking for the best screening technique for your wastewater?

Why would you choose a drum screen rather than a sieve bend for removing solids? Don’t both do the same thing? Correct, in theory, but in practice there are substantial differences.

Our Roto-Sieve drum screen has a higher removal efficiency compared to a sieve bend. In addition, the internal feed makes flooding impossible. Roto-Sieve rotary drum screens have standard a built-in emergency overflow and are fitted with an emergency overflow detection and connection.

The Roto-Sieve drum screens are completely closed units. The self-cleaning function and sophisticated design make the Roto-Sieve rotary drum screens extremely low-maintenance. Furthermore, the design enables wear parts to be replaced quickly and efficiently.

Canal sieve versus drum sieve

The Roto-Sieve drum screen is more effective than channel sieves. A larger quantity of suspended matter is sieved per unit of time compared to channel sieves, channel grids, step screens, etc.

Roto-Sieve rotary drum screens: screening and pretreatment system for wastewater and process water

In addition, the Roto-Sieve drum screen is not under pressure, which means that solid particles and fibres are not forced through the perforations. This gentle treatment ensures that only particles smaller than the perforation can pass through. This is not the case with a channel sieve. 

The Roto-Sieve drum screens with built-in overflow detection give 100% certainty that all incoming water will pass over the perforated zone. With channel screens, everything depends on whether or not there is an effective seal at the sides of the unit.

Roto-Sieve shipyard project

Efficiency and back-flush of screens: The internal spiral in the Roto-Sieve drum screen ensures that the screenings are gently and gradually transported to the outlet. With many channel screens, the screenings are transported to the outlet with a brush. The brush often causes the screenings to be pushed back through the perforated plate and finally into the canal.

Roto-Sieve rotary drum screens: screening and pretreatment system for wastewater and process water

Easy inspection and maintenance of your Roto-Sieve: The lightweight glass-fibre reinforced polyester lids of the Roto-Sieve provide a super-fast visual inspection of the sieve drum and easy access to all components. This can be done during operation: the entire production and purification process does not have to be stopped.

Canal sieves, on the other hand, are constantly under water during operation, which means that there can be absolutely no control of seals or proper operation. This makes it necessary to lift the entire unit out of the water for inspection and maintenance. It goes without saying that this takes a lot of time and effort. In practice, checks are therefore usually only carried out when encountering problems.

Roto-Sieve spare parts service Benelux

There is a track record for every authentic Roto-Sieve drum screen and you can obtain spare parts from stock for life. We can supply you with all spare parts for your existing rotary drum screen. Roto-Sieve drum screens are made to last. Spare parts for the Roto-Sieve units from the 80s and 90s are still available from stock. 

The spare parts are easy to replace yourself. If desired, our technician will visit you on-site for a complete revision of your device and the replacement of parts (entire Benelux). Roto-Sieve is absolutely the best buy, expressed in cost price per year of life. Easy and fast replacement of parts is a great advantage of our devices. Every spare part or wearing part that still needs to be replaced is easily and quickly accessible. A single technician completes the job in no time, no need for cranes or other lifting equipment. Our Roto-Sieve network is always ready to provide assistance, on site or remotely.

Of course, the internal drum can also be repaired or replaced. If you want to use the machine for a different application within your company, you can opt for a different drum perforation. An overview of Läckeby/Roto-Sieve distributors worldwide can be found here. 

Task Environmental technologies is your distributor for new Roto-Sieve drum screens and spare parts for the Benelux. Give us a call, with your unique serial number or a picture of the machine tag at hand (10-xxxx): even if all manuals of your machine are lost, we can put you on the right track very quickly.


Below you can find a selection of our realisations worldwide. Some projects were realised by the mother house Läckeby Sweden, some by our colleagues on all continents, some by Task. A click on the pictures below will give you more information on the projects in question.

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Roto-Sieve ®, a registered trade mark

Roto-Sieve is a registered trademark owned by Läckeby Products in Kalmar, Sweden. An authentic Roto-Sieve drum strainer carries an identification plate with all its details (the unique serial number – type – year of manufacture and original drum perforation). Manufacturer is Roto-Sieve AB or Läckeby Products AB from Sweden.