Oil separation for industrial wastewater treatment

Oil separation

A range of oil separation methods: from the most common small volume oil separator, over the more sophisticated Suparator oil separators, up to membrane techology solutions for oil/water emulsion separation are in our scope of supply.

  • Remove free oil out of wastewater, process baths, etc.
  • Seperate oil/water emulsions by means of ultrafiltration (UF) and nanofiltration (NF)

Oil separation techniques :

  • gravity oil separation with or without coalescing media
  • ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF) for the separation of oil/water emulsions. Contact us for more information about this specific application.

Applications oil separation:

  • process baths galvanic industry
  • degreasing baths
  • phosphatation baths, with or without oil recovery
  • motorcar industry

Industries using oil separation techniques :

  • metal working industry
  • coating industry
  • surface treatment of metals
  • motorcar industry

Suparator – high performance oil separators

Suparator oil separation Cleaning- and degreasing baths are widely used in industrial environments. Good cleaning is of fundamental importance for the quality of the items manufactured. The degreasing capacity of the cleaning agent is gradually decreasing in proportion to the amounts of oil and other pollutants (such as dust and grinding residues) getting mixed into the cleaning agent. Good oil separation equipment is therefore crucial. We are working with the Suparator oil separator equipment, as we consider this as one of the most effective oils separators on the market. The oil can be separated from the water within minutes. Oil and grease are no longer a reason to replace the cleaning agent.

Superator oil separation unit

Almost all big car manufacturers are using Suparator®

Superator oil separators: features

Maximal service life cleaner

An waterbased cleaning agent is not particularly expensive, but the overall costs involved, however, can be substantial. For instance the costs for emptying the baths, cleaning and re-filling them and heating up again. The biggest expenses are going to the disposal of the used cleaner and the cost of poor product quality and rework. The Suparator® keeps the cleaner free of oil; that means trouble free cleaning for a much longer period of time.

Optimal product quality

The sophisticated design of Suparator® oil separator is ensuring the oil is separated from the cleaning agent within minutes, thanks to the Superskim skimmer. This way, the dirt (dust and grinding residues) doesn’t have enough time to settle in the cleansing agent. As a result, the cleaning action and the efficiency are not jeopardized

Suparator characteristics

  • Very short payback time
  • Maximal service life cleaner
  • Optimal quality of manufactured items
  • Maintenance free construction
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Also effective for smaller installations
  • Several capacities available

Quick and efficient oil separation

Cleaning baths are widely used in the manufacturing industry. Good cleaning is of fundamental importance for a good quality finished product. The degreasing action of the cleaning agent is decreasing progressively, as oil and pollutants (such as dust and grinding residues) are getting mixed with the cleansing agent. Good oil separation is thus essential.

Suparator oil separator

4-10 times extended service life of the cleaning agent with Suparator®

Independent research has shown [1] : Suparator® is no doubt the most efficient oil separator avalable in the market. Oil is separated from the cleaning agent within minutes. It will no longer be the oils and greases that will urge you to replace the cleaning agent.

[1] Independent research by the Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI) from the University of Massachusetts USA

Also effective for smaller installations

The smart design of the Suparator® unit, together with the patented Suparskim® skimmer, allows to remove even small quantities of oily substances out of a washing unit or degreasing bath. The increasing waste processing cost are making oil separation cost-effective also for smaller cleaning units. This is the reason why Suparator® is introduced in many different industries. Also for waste water treatment and drilling coolant emulsions.

The Suparator® can generate profit for smaller installations, starting from 200 litres

Optimal product quality

Suparator® systems and solutions differ in a number of essential ways from any other, conventional, separator. For instance the patented Suparskim® skimmer, which automatically adjusts to the level in the bath. Due to its unique construction, the top layer in the bath is quickly transferred into the Suparator® unit where the oil is removed from the cleaner in a matter of minutes. This is important because, inside conventional separators, the oil accumulates on top of the cleaner over a long period of time. This will give entrapped dirt, like dust and grinding residue, ample time to separate from the oil and re-enter the aqueous phase. Oil and dirt accumulate in the bath, causing cleaner performance to drop and resulting in unclean products. Only the Suparator ® maintains the cleaner effectively enough, by separating the oil before dirt settles out keeping the oil concentration in the cleaner low all the time, no matter how long you use it. 

oil separator sample oil separator sample

See the pictures above : the left sample was taken right after separation, the right sample from the same solution is showing the liquid two months later. The considerable amount of sediment in the right sample is clearly indicating the amount of sludge present in the cleaning baths. With a conventional oil separator, this sludge would have remained in the bath, leading to a loss of cleaning power and a substantially shorter lifetime of the bath.

Greater control over the quality of your products with the Suparator®

Maximum cleaner service life

Cleaner performance degrades over time, due to pollution. Without oil separation (red line) the effect is noticeable very quickly, making an early bath dump necessary. Skimmers, conventional oil separators or coalescers (orange line) improve matters but nothing more. The Suparator® (green line) eliminates oil as the cause for bath changes.

Suparator service life cleaning bath

Short payback time

The Suparator® requires a slightly higher investment but pays back faster by providing improved product quality, extended cleaner lifetime, and lower costs. As a result, the Suparator® on average has a payback time of one year, often shorter than that. In the mean time you benefit from a cleaner process and because the Suparator® is maintenance free, it soon pays for itself.

Even with small amounts of oil, the initial cost for the Suparator® is soon recovered

Maintenance free construction

The heart of a Suparator® unit is a passive construction without any moving parts. Since the Suparator® does not use a filter or membrane, it is truly maintenance free. Cleaning only needs to be done occasionally; as the oil is separated quickly, dirt does not get a chance to sediment inside the unit. For applications with very high pollution levels, simple, automatic flush provisions are available which practically eliminate the need for cleaning.

Suparator maintenance free

Save on maintenance with the Suparator®

A range of capacities

Suparator® units are available in a range of capacities. The variety of different models and options to choose from, make it possible to tailor a Suparator® system to match any manufacturing process. The Suparator® is now used for cleaning baths from 200 up to 400.000 litres !

Suparator capacity

From large to small there is always a suitable Suparator®

Suparator® unit : how does it work?

The Suparator® is the only oil separator that keeps the oil concentration in the cleaner low at all times. How does it work?

1. It starts with a Suparskim® skimmer which is mounted in the bath or tank and which follows the liquid level. The skimmer is designed to skim off the top layer continuously, inhibiting the formation of a floating layer.
2. The top layer, cleaner with traces of oil, is transferred into the Suparator® unit using special, non-emulsifying pumps which prevent mixing of the oil.
3. Inside the Suparator® unit a laminar flow is generated. With an ingenious construction of valves and plates, the oil is collected, accumulated and concentrated in a number of consecutive steps (see “The four step Suparator® principle” previous page). The clean fluid is discharged via the bottom section of the unit. The oil, with the dirt in it, is separated; without any cleaner.
4. The clean fluid is returned to the bath under gravity or by means of a pump, ready to be used again.

Suparator oil separator how does it work

Suparator oil separation skim and treat method (gravitational)

The smart design of each Suparator® unit is collecting oil (1), is building up (2) and concentrates (3) before separation of the oil (4), without cleaning agent.

oil separator functioning principle