Packing types – tower packing (random bulk, structured)

Packing types

Several tower packing types are availble for gas scrubbers or air scrubbers: random bulk tower packing (in bulk, big bag or handy 25 kg bags, in plastic or metal), structured tower packing (cut to size in parts and/or slices). We select the optimal tower packing for your application, depending on the temperature, the components present in the gazeous emissions to be treated, the scrubbing liquid used to clean the air.

Two main packing types are available on the market:

Structured packing blocks:

honeycomb, herringbone or waffle structure in plastics (several kinds of synthetic material are possible) or in stainless steel. In some cases, for process-technical reasons, packing blocks (built into cassettes for easy removal and cleaning) are preferrable. This system has the advantage that an optimum use can be made of the entire surface and that it is showing a lower pressure drop than bulk packaging types.

Random column packing (bulk, in big bag or handy small bags):

this type of packing is the best known and the cheapest (Pall ring, Raschig ring, saddle type, ball, etc.), most of the type made of various synthetic materials, sometimes in stainless steel, sometimes ceramic, all types with their specific application. Choosing the right type of packing is one of the crucial aspects for the realization of a performant air scrubber.