Roto-Sieve drum screens: the durability

Roto-Sieve long lifespan

Roto-Sieve drum screens go on forever: an illustration

The durability of our Roto-Sieve

40 years of loyal service in a chicken slaughterhouse. This unit (unit no. 363) was first put into service back in 1978 for the separation of feathers. The brush and the spraying system for automatic cleaning have disappeared. The unit is cleaned manually once a day and still does what is expected to do. There is no problem to keep old Roto-Sieves up and running that long. Because, even for the old Roto-Sieves, spare and wear parts remain available from stock at the central warehouse in Kalmar, Sweden. This goes for all models, from large to small, and for all construction years. Whenever required, your old machine can be completely reconditioned in our workshops.

Quick and easy maintenance

Most importantly, Roto-Sieves are designed for easy maintenance. Spare and wear parts can be replaced quickly and easily by your own technicians. Our Roto-Sieves are durable and made to last. Considerable savings can be achieved on maintenance and replacement costs.

For any question regarding the maintenance of your Roto-Sieve, don’t hesitate to contact us. You always get a quick reply.

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