Odor control covers – tank cover for odor containment purposes

Odour nuisance from open basins

Open basins and tanks are often a cause of odour nuisance in industry. Tanks and silos can be covered to prevent the odour from spreading. Tank covers ensure that the released odour vapours are collected and evacuated for further treatment.

Depending on the nature of the off gases, this can be a chemical gas scrubber, a biological air scrubber, biofilter or active carbon filter. Often, such an installation is already present and can be easily connected.

Tank covers – silo covers – odour control covers

The cover is tailor-made for the basin. The cover can also be made rotating with walkways, manholes and other cutouts for connections. The cover is made of reinforced plastic film. The size of the tank cover depends on the type of construction. A standard tank cover has a maximum diameter of approximately 50 m. A self-supporting structure has a maximum diameter of 20 m.

Self-supporting tank covers

Odor control covers - tank cover for odor containment purposesCouverture de bassins

 It is also possible to choose a self-supporting tank covering. The advantage is that this type of construction is suitable for more extreme weather conditions (increased wind and snow loads). Moreover, it is easier to connect to other steel constructions, such as platforms and bridges. It is also possible to opt for a rotating version. The self-supporting version is very user- and maintenance-friendly.